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Immediate Needs


Immediate Needs: Prior to US Arrival Through Day 30.

Travel arrangement from sponsoring organization:

  • Stay in contact daily with the agency that is bringing the family to the USA. Even if you do not get a response, send an email once a day to let them know you are patient and ready when they are.
  • Partner Organization: No One Left Behind: Contact name, phone, email. (Contact information here)
  • Information to obtain
    • Times arriving/transportation and destination (Ex. American Airlines AA123 8/25/21 arriving LAX 2:59pm.)
    • Confirmed passenger names
    • Who is meeting the plane; Transportation from the plane to acute, short-term housing (see bellow)
    • Identify Covid testing sites if needed and where they can receive vaccine and ongoing medical care.

Settlement costs and US Govermment support:

  • Create a basic budget for the family based on the cost of living in yout area, uttilities estimates, food, etc.
  • Goverment Cash Support: find out what amount of cash the US Gov’t is giving to or has given to the family upon relocation. This will offset some costs in the basic budget. Contact information here
  • Acute Housing Support: The US Gov’t is to provide refugees with initial housing location. Most likely through Airbnb.
  • Circle should verify the quality and cleanliness of each Airbnband that they have access to food etc.

Green Cards, Social Security and Driver’s License:

Ask the sponsoring agency for all the contact details and information regarding how the family will begin the paperwork toreceive the documentation to be able to work and drive in the US, Help the family review the necessary steps and deadlines to make sure all information is submitted correctly. Contact information here

  • Who, where, and when will they receive their Green Card, SS#, DL.
  • Contact details for the agency/person handling the paperwork.

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  • VIP Welcome is an initiative aimed at the safe entry of Afghani refugees into the United States of America in the midst of a global crisis. We aim to empower local communities to provide families with everything from housing, food, medical care, and clothing to immigration support, assistance seeking employment, and enrolling in school. Our goal is to equip every family with all of the resources they need in order to begin a new life in the US.


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