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On the Ground Needs: Day 0-Year 1

Remember, your community´s welcome circle may start small and grow as you begin to help.


  • Acute: Air BNB-should be provided by the US Government and sponsoring agency.
  • Permanent(1+year): Best option: Townhouse to give space and privacy with an outdoor area and without the cost/labor to up-keep
    • Research the areas in your city/state/region that have an Afghan Community to gather more details about the different options for housing.
    • Based on the avarage rent for your area aim to raise enough funding to give 1 year of rent to the family.
    • Furniture: Contact organizations/stores in your area to ask if they can donate large items for the family-beds, appliances, tables, desk, chairs, etc.
    • Soft Home Goods/Toys/books: Purchase from local stores or host a drive to get new/gently used items
    • Identify and provide household goods as needed. (list can be provided when requested)


Once the family has a Driver´s License. they will need a reliable car to get around for work/school/living.

  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi: contact the ride share services to ask for gift certificates for the family to use to get around until they have their own car for getting to and from work/school, grocery store, sports practice/etc.
  • Car rental Companies/Car showrooms: Contact in your area to ask if they can provide a car for little to no cost for the family.
  • Public Transportation-the reason this is not the best option is because the family is not acclimated to the systems in the US and are already overwhelmed trying to learn so much that adding the transportation system to them is stifling.

Funding for Food and incidentals:

  • Use the basic budget to create an estimate for the needs of the family based on size/area of living.
    • Allocate the funds given from the US Govt to the family for part of what is budgeted.
      • Raise funds to cover the balance of the needs for the family for 6-12 months.
      • Ex Estimated monthly cost for a family of 5 coming to LA is $2500/month(not including rent).
  • Off-set costs for items such as clothing, toys, entertrainment by hosting drives for the entire community to donate new/gently used items that are specific to what the family wants.
  • Maintain a detailed and specific list of the items you need to buy/get donated so when asked what you need you know exactly what to say.

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  • VIP Welcome is an initiative aimed at the safe entry of Afghani refugees into the United States of America in the midst of a global crisis. We aim to empower local communities to provide families with everything from housing, food, medical care, and clothing to immigration support, assistance seeking employment, and enrolling in school. Our goal is to equip every family with all of the resources they need in order to begin a new life in the US.


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