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Ongoing Involvement between the Community and the Family

  • Employment: Designate someone in your community to help the family put together their resume and introduce the to potential employment opportunities
  • School and supplies to go to school: Designate a group of people to help the family get all the enrollment details for the school their children will go to and all the supplies they will need to be successful
  • If possible, host an introduction play: date/hang out for the children with other children in the community so on the first day of school the new family knows at least one child at school
  • Language classes: Check into local resources (agencies, high schools, colleges) to help the family receive the English language training they will need to be successful here.
  • Personal Items: Create a committee that can reach out to the family once a week for a year (rotating so that it’s not always the same person/family) to make sure the family receives the personal items they will inevitably need as they become accustomed to living in America
  • Medical/Mental health/Dental Care: Reach out to local service providers to set uo initial appointments for the family to be seen and accompany them if possible/requested to ensure adequate care is provided

For additional details, questions, press inquires please contact Anne Nadel, Communications Director, The Violence Intervention Program, [email protected].

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  • VIP Welcome

  • VIP Welcome is an initiative aimed at the safe entry of Afghani refugees into the United States of America in the midst of a global crisis. We aim to empower local communities to provide families with everything from housing, food, medical care, and clothing to immigration support, assistance seeking employment, and enrolling in school. Our goal is to equip every family with all of the resources they need in order to begin a new life in the US.


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