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VIP Spotlight: Eunice Rios, MD

Dr. Eunice Rios serves as the Medical Director at the Adolescent Care & Transition (ACT) Clinic located within the VIP Children’s Medical Village. After graduating from Stanford Medical School, Dr. Rios trained at the competitive Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency at LAC+USC Medical Center.

Upon completing the program, she identified a growing teen population, especially teens in foster care, that were lacking appropriate medical care and access to social services.

Dr. Rios was successful in creating a specialty clinic, the Adolescent Care & Transition (ACT) Clinic for older youth within the VIP Children’s Medical Village, ensuring that all teens have access to expert medical care and support services.

Teens can now access birth control, STI screenings and treatment, as well as being connected to a host of other services, like mental health, counseling, education assistance, and mentoring provided at VIP’s new Hope Center for Teens.

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