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Meet Some of Our Most Resilient Clients

Angel, Male – 12 y/o

Running away seemed the easiest solution for Angel. He ran away from the group home where he was living. He didn’t show up at school…

Josey, Female – 13 y/o

When thirteen-year-old Josey is asked what kind of family she would like to live with, she says, “I just want someone who is nice.”…

Sarah, Female – 10 y/o

At an early age, Sarah believed it was her responsibility to protect her mother. Sarah’s mother’s boyfriend, who was often abusive, lived with them…

Ashley, Female – 18 y/o

Ashley was used to being responsible to no one but herself. At thirteen she ran away from the group home where she had been placed and…

Kiana, Female – 17 y/o

Kiana came from a big family of nine children. But it wasn’t a happy household. Kiana’s sisters and brothers came from several different fathers…

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