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VIP Special Report Published

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) is pleased to release our Special Report detailing the incredible work that was made possible in 2016 because of our generous donors. Highlights include:

  • Our life-changing work with young children including huge growth in our school-based programs where we now bring services to children where they often need it most. We now serve in 24 locals schools!
  • The exciting completion of our new Leonard Hill Hope Center which will house comprehensive services for our foster teens including private and group therapy, tutoring, college prep and life skills classes, and much more. The Hope Center builds on VIP’s extensive array programs that already exist for vulnerable youth.
  • How our H.E.A.R.T. members change the lives of the children & families we serve by providing practical and lasting support such as bus passes, art classes, and car seats.

See the full Special Report for more details on our current work, as well as our goals for the future!

We are so grateful to all our supporters for their dedication. If you’d like to be more involved with VIP, click here or contact us today!

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  • VIP Welcome

  • VIP Welcome is an initiative aimed at the safe entry of Afghani refugees into the United States of America in the midst of a global crisis. We aim to empower local communities to provide families with everything from housing, food, medical care, and clothing to immigration support, assistance seeking employment, and enrolling in school. Our goal is to equip every family with all of the resources they need in order to begin a new life in the US.


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