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Sarah, Female – 10 y/o

At an early age, Sarah believed it was her responsibility to protect her mother. Sarah’s mother’s boyfriend, who was often abusive, lived with them. He gave her mother drugs and acted as her pimp, selling her to other men for sex. Sarah couldn’t focus in school or do her homework because she was so worried about her mother’s safety.

When Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) social workers were called to investigate, they removed Sarah from her dangerous environment and ultimately placed her with a loving grandmother. At VIP, we were able to evaluate Sarah’s needs, doing a full family assessment. Working with VIP clinicians, Sarah began to let go of the worry she had for her mother and to understand that as a child, she could not be responsible for her mother’s choices. Sarah and her grandmother also received significant case management assistance from VIP, linking them to affordable housing, low-income utilities, and even helping find clothes for a growing Sarah.

Recently, Sarah made the honor roll at her school and received an award for most improved student. Sarah had never received an honor like this, and she was so excited to realize what she was capable of accomplishing. Living in the loving and supportive home of her grandmother and extended family, Sarah no longer has to cope with the daily trauma of her previous family life. In fact, she’s flourishing, enjoying her new friends, singing and writing music. It is because of VIP’s generous partners that Sarah is now taking singing lessons in the hope of pursuing her dream of becoming a famous singer!

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